Rex Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic healing science which comprises of two words, Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge or science.

So the literal meaning of the word Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but is a complete way of life.

Rex Ayurveda India shares the millennia of ayurvedic experience of preventing & effectively treating large number of common and not so common diseases like asthma, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, skin and hair diseases and many more, using time proven concepts , of regulated diet and healthy life styles, supported with remedies and treatments, that are safe effective and affordable.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda is an ancient system of health care. It is used by millions of people in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and increasingly in the West. The word 'Ayurveda' means 'knowledge of a long life'.

Ayurveda is also one among the few Traditional Systems of Medicine to contain a sophisticated system of surgery (which is referred to as 'Shalyachikitsa").

Ayurveda & Puran : In the Mahabharata it is stated that Lord Krishna had a son named Samb. He was suffering from leprosy. In order to treat him, Krishna invited special Brahmins from Shakdvipa (believed as present-day Iran). They were sun worshipers and famous astronomers. Read More...

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